Krampusnacht EP

by Sterbhaus

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Eric Valerio
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Eric Valerio These wholesome carols from Sterbhaus are enough to fill even the greenest of Grinches with Christmas cheer. Favorite track: Krampusnacht.
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released December 1, 2016



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Sterbhaus Sweden

A perfect snapshot of what honest Metal is today, without being either particular retro or modern.

Take a representation of what the four essential cornerstones of Metal is …that is: Thrash, Death, Black and Heavy Metal, and we shit you not. You DO end up with this quartet from Stockholm. It’s bloody potent, passionate, straightforward and timeless. And it is a rare commodity today.
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Track Name: Krampusnacht
Soon yet another year is coming to an end
And nervously I scutter home once again
To lock like I do most every year away what's dear to me
And that indeed - would be me

Soon to knock upon my door
Great goat man - Bad to the bone
Here to whip some sence into the likes of me

But I take the pain - the whip sack and chain
For I know one night is worth the gain
That which I'm getting for
364 days doing everything I wish and more

Fair carolers all dressed in white
It's mistletoe madness on Christmas night!
Grinning ear to ear - Eyeing wrappings without fear
Be the ones who knoe not of the fate
That will await the spoiled one

The light flutters then disappears
The glitter turns to dust - he is here!

Yule time cometh so I take the bate
I dress the tree and trust in chance for another fate
But no, there's no escaping I'll be host
To the Christmas demon scratching on my windowpost

Soon to knock upon my door
Great goatman in the flesh
Bad to the bone

It's time to take the pain - the whip sack and chain
'Cause I know one night is worth the gain
That which I'm getting for
364 days doing everything I wish and more

Red eyes, cloven hoof
Crooked horns, sharpened tooth
Akin to proof
That by the whip and by all them precious jolly tunes
Just accept - this is the day I loose


"Since the human race is nothing more than sloth and greed
There's not a single speck of good in Man that I now see
Then a bearded gnome - A giant out of time devoted to be kind
Is surely useless, and has certainly outlived his prime
So I killed him good, stuck a knife into his head
And now it's only me and his bloodstained coat completely red
So let this age You all have ushered in be accompanied by me
Accept the consequence that I - That Krampus is free...

...To collect my prize my annual fee
Your rosy buttox in excess - Ha!
It will be sweet...
Only me and all your surplus sins, indeed"